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Hopeless 2 - Mercenary Camp is a fps multiplayer game with many types of weapons and various locations. Play against other real players in this 3D multiplayer shooting game.

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Hopeless 2 screenshots

Hopeless 2 - Information

Did you give up when you played the previous game and felt really hopeless? Please stick to the new game of Hopeless 2. It is really outstanding but I am not giving away any clue. So, please be patient and join the queue!

The Hopeless 2 game is calling all war game lovers as well as enemies at the great square, where it has been organized the annual "hopeless war games" event. There shall also be plenty of other games suitable for grown ups as well as children. Please, come along: hope is free of charge.

Hopeless 2 screenshots

Hopeless 2 - Comments

I have heard around my own crowd of game players online that, contrary to all expectations the game Hopeless 2 is gaining good ground. As a matter of fact this shooting game has everything to sustain it and a special point to its favor is the 3D engine that is quite pleasant. By the way there are rumors that a similar kind of game is being released shortly online from Necromanthus.

So you are feeling down, why don't you try my own medicine of my blue days and get it all over with a good session of online gaming with Hopeless 2? I can assure you that at the end of one session of playing it you will find yourself back to normal.

Io-day I feel hopeless. I really am hopeless since I got up this morning and nothing seems to be working right. It is one of those hopeless days. Do you have them to? Well I think I shall be better off if I go and play my game called Hopeless 2.

I am taking up your hint concerning facing hopeless and other games but I find the environment rather dull, devastated and absolutely bare of any sign of life. Personally I would not like it at all.

When I play Hopeless 2 something strange happens because even if I am in an very difficult stage of the game, or even if I feel under the weather I, slowly but surely, do get an almost exhilarating kick that, like a sudden breeze, scatters away any bad feelings of hopelessness.

We are two friends who have been practicing the "Hopeless 2" game for some time but we feel hopeless because the mercenary enemies are overpowering! They spring out of nowhere and the more we kill them, the more numerous and frantic is their sudden synchronized appearance. However, we too are hopeless and determined to cancel them from the surface of the earth.

I am quite taken by shooting games online among which I particularly enjoy playing Hopeless which may I say is what I call "cool" whilst my granny would have called it fabulous to play with.

I too am hopeless like you two and I feel that "Hopeless 2" is a great game that helps against any kind of nervous and mental stress, for one or two particular misty moments in life when nothing seems to work out or when you feel out of place and want to migrate to the moon. What a great game Hopeless 2 is!

When I play this game I always think about it in two different ways because the title comes to my mind split in two parts. The first part is "hope" for tomorrow whilst "less" in my mind means less painful than yesterday so I find the two bits together "hopeless for today".

Hopeless 2 screenshots

No matter how hopeless one feels, you can always anaesthetize yourself during a delving under mountain of work and responsibilities until the day when all storms are abated and you can start living again like a normal, contended human being and I would like to underline the word human.

Together with my mates and school friends we like to exchange opinions on everything that goes online and we agree about some preferred games. For example we all like the multiplayer Hopeless even if to various degree.

Every time we have or see the word "hopeless" we think of a game through which we manage to release all our stress in a healthy sort of way by pretending to kill all the enemies notwithstanding their increasing number.

I have heard on the chatterbox live that something I would have expected to happen to me while I play my favorite multiplayer game hopeless, has happen to him when he was enjoying another game: the monitor went frozen with a strange noise and all was black!

Whenever I feel upset I choose to play this shooting game because it puts me gradually in a good mood and at the end of a session with it I feel refreshed and cool like the game itself. I don't know how I could do without Hopeless 2.

When I started to play Hopeless 2 I did not think much of it, but now I think I got hooked and my day is not complete if I miss my usual round with my online friends.

After having read some dull and deluding presentations of the game Hopeless I would like to put right this shooting game that allow a player to enjoy doing what he likes in great freedom and nonchalant ways which allows him to feel engaged in a superior way compared to other similar games.

I have come to believe that also in the gaming field the weather has a bearing on the way a player feels and, as a consequence on his choice of actions that can be quite diverse. If I feel like playing for example Hopeless 2 may be I am in the opposite frame of mind whilst another player might react differently because of different character or he may choose to play it to give away to his rather gloomy temperament and at the end of it he may feel some relief.

To all those players who have lost their ways to reach an enjoyable and electrifying game I suggest they follow the new traffic sign reporting the following writing: Hopeless 2. You cannot fail to reach your target.

I am sorry to hear about your hopeless 2 situation and can only suggest you get online and get a free of charge admittance to the above famous game to have a much needed round of bullets out of your system so you can forget and get on to a better life.

Hopeless 2 screenshots

I do not know about you, but personally I am rather hopeless like the homonymous online game, at all sort of games and it's only after someone like my brother keeps on hammering down my head step by step that I can retain something. Once I got it I never forget it!

I am pleased to hear that Hopeless is a much sought after game because also my friends and I like playing it and find is a great shooting game and a cool 3D multiplayer.

I sympathize with the pal who finds relief playing this quite cool game and getting so absorbed in its gaming to forget any kind of possible problem he might encounter.

The first time I tried to play this multiplayer shooting game "hopeless" I was rather puzzled by the choice of name it had been chosen which intrigued me a lot then I enjoy it and finally I can say I am addicted to it.

I am and feel hopeless quite often except when I can sit at my computer and play with energy this very nice game. Sometimes I end up laughing at the way I go about shooting all the nobs (may I call them so?). To me even their shadows look cute :)

Sometimes I wonder about myself and other players who give comments unrelated to games such as Hopeless 2. I play it because it is a great game of shooting and I do not understand the association with all that kind of innuendo on problems or feelings. When I play, I loose myself in it and that's it!

I like very much to play this game and I find it easy to follow contrary to many other shooting games and it's cool.

Hopeless 2 screenshots

Hopeless 2 - Reviews

If you are searching for no distractions whatsoever apart from facing a desperate, relentless fight against an enemy who has absolutely nothing to loose on an apocalyptic ground, then you need a face to face encounter with Hopeless, a 3D mutiplayer you will enjoy many times indeed.

Hopeless 2 game is a walking miracle for those hopeless players who seem to be lost in search of they don't know what. However the title hopeless 2 is rather misleading and I think it puts off some players who would otherwise enjoy it very much. This Indie game offer a multiplayer war arena with good graphics and good gameplay, all free-to-play!

Sometimes I do not feel to play hopeless simply because I find its environment rather dull but I have to admit I have enjoyed many session in the past. After all, to have fun in a shooting game, the excitement of the action and the swiftness of movement are much more important than the background view.

This is a very nice multiplayer game whose name could be misleading because usually people interpret it in a negative way but as a matte of fact Hopeless 2 is one of the best free multiplayers online. So give it a chance without any prejudice.

We are two room mates who after trying many games have found our ideal way to enjoy ourselves with Hopeless. We don't know if the name reflects our lack of skills but at least we have not yet reached that boredom level and we still enjoy the game very much.

Well, the person who called this game Hopeless did not know what he was doing because it is everything but as defined. On the contrary it's doing fine so much so that it is already quite known and a version 2 has followed up. I cannot wait to see the version 3 of this amazing shooting game.

Hopeless 2 screenshots

Hopeless 2 - Curiosities

You may think I am crazy but I love so much to play Hopeless 2 game that I have named my two pets with the name "hopeless" my dog and "hopeless 2" my cat. They are really my two best friends.

This is a secret nobody knows so far: my given name is hopeless. Some people even split it into two separate portions but I wish it known that this is the name of one of the best multiplayer war games free-to-play online.

When I play the hopeless game my little brother, who cannot yet reach the computer, starts chanting a lullaby by splitting the word and miscoupling its part. In my family we have started to sing this kind of song put together by my brother to make fun of me.

My friend is rather dislectic and so instead of telling me he had found a very nice free-to-play game online he reversed some letters and I lost some time in the effort to understand what he meant. He wanted to play the multiplayer game Hopeless which I know well and I play it often.

Dear team mate, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful puppy. Guess the name I have given him. I call him by the name of our favorite online game, i.e. Hopeless and it fits him beautifully: he gets always in troubles whatever he does and wherever he goes. You will love him too. is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!