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: K.O.S. Secret Operations, is a 3D tactical MMOFPS published by DontBlynk. With its unique character options and top notch interface, K.O.S manages to set itself apart in a crowded genre. It’s still one of the most polished and enjoyable MMOFPS games out there.

The game comes bundled with Xfire, enabling players to easily communicate with each other via voice chat during game play, along with other unique features such as live stream video, one click screen capture, and community page access.

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K.O.S. Secret Operations


K.O.S. Secret Operations, is a 3D tactical MMOFPS published by DontBlynk. With its unique character options and top notch interface, K.O.S manages to set itself apart in a crowded genre.
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K.O.S. Secret Operations - Game Page

All of you interested in war operations will jump at the opportunity to play the new K.O.S. Secret Operations because it is a great online shooting game with alternative ways to find a solutions to situations which at first would appear to be impossible.

This is a follow-up to our recent advice to play the new available title online called K.O.S. Secret Operations to inform you that this game can be played either solo or together with your team of friends. Last but not least it is also free of charge.

When you are drawn to a very fast game you will enjoy playing the free massive multiplayer K.O.S. Secret Operations. Should you fancy to play alone, you will be delighted in knowing that you can choose the weapon preferred as well as the military outfit or uniform of your choice. K.O.S. Secret Operations is extremely fast and there is no second chance: if you miss, you are dead!

One of my favorite MMO games is K.O.S Secret Operations because it allows for variety of situations and outfits which, in my opinion, is an added bonus. What I cannot understand is the secret formula followed to rank a game as a number one top game.

Are you looking for a versatile game? Just play the "KOS secret operations". It is also enjoyable in its sneaking and secret ways of developing its operations. What my friend and I like most is because it is like many games in one game.

K.O.S. Secret Operations - part 2

I am rather puzzled when I hear people speak of KOS Secret Operations game online when the entire world is aware that there are no secret war operations possible online. Will someone unveil which part of this game is secret?

This answer is addressed to the "KOS Secret Operations" player who was brought everybody's attention the fact that nothing is secret online. Perhaps you should have read a previous message sent through a few days ago which was an answer to this question. Please refer to that message which told players that they like KOS Secret Operations for its secret sneaking solutions followed to survive extremely dangerous operations.

If you are looking for an MMO game with plenty of maps, secret alleys and shooting action, look for KOS Secret Operations and you will enjoy also the joy of gradually improving your level.

KOS Secret Operations is the best game played by boys within my age group to avoid grown-ups. There is no other game as K.O.S. to enjoy without being killed by more experienced older players, it's so annoying when it happen!

To George, my team mate in KOS Secret Operations, please forgive me if I didn't join you as promised last week, but I forgot a very painful previous appointment with my dentist. Sorry, I promise we'll have a nice game together next week.

One of my favorite games is kos secret operations but all secrets are revealed if you complete all levels within the game, also those as a team player, because they are revealed gradually as the game unfolds to your full satisfaction.

We have not yet heard whether kos secret operations is going to be upgraded with a follow-up version 2 and since it's such a complete game and everyone I know likes it, why it's not at the very top?

Dear friends, I am getting bored, may invite you for a nice but tough challenge with KOS secret operations online. I hope you are eager to fight to the last drop of energy in your bones.

I have to say thank you to this game. I am buried in this town submerged by 120 cm of snow and cut off from every means of transport where my only contact is trough internet and my favorite game KOS Secret Operations that I play all the time.

I have been told there is a new game online which has been structured on the basis of a special governmental department and very similar to KOS secret operations. Could you please advise me how I can reach it. I have also been told that it is free-to-play. Thanks for your help.

We thank very much those faithful players who show their appreciation for K.O.S. Secret Operations multiplayer game and are pleased to disclose our developers are working hard to satisfy their request for something even better. However we ask you to be patient a bit longer.

I like games where you get not only the feeling of risk and danger without knowing where it is coming from, but also fast speed of action and big maps which together concur to give you something I define great like when you play online KOS Secret Operations.

Things are changing in a unprecedented high speed not only in the world at large but also in the online gaming, for example even in K.O.S. Secret Operations we often see reflected what is happening in the real world outside make believe.

If you like a war game you can play by yourself or with a team of friends with plenty of shooting, nice backgrounds and sounds, join me and we can play together free of charge K.O.S. Secret Operations, a Massive multiplayer war game.

In my mind as well as on my doorstep the wording k.o.s. secret operations are of paramount importance and nothing nor other people can distract me when I am absorbed by playing this super game.

I contacted my dearest friend but I was told he could not make himself available in that moment. I think he is probably playing K.O.S. which is one of the best free multiplayer games online.

The shooting game I am enjoying lately is known as K.O.S. I am not used to it yet, so I have not understood all its nuances, swift surprises and still learning about weapons and maps. Due to my inexperience I cannot write you a complete review but I am sure you shall find it very enjoyable. When I get a good hang of it I will give you a proper valuation of this fascinating multiplayer game. is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!