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Description : Kuma: War is a military action game that relies more or less on the events in Iraq. The idea is to take the news on TV about the war and then transcribe them into different missions. Continually updated to reflect current, real-world conflicts, each playable episode includes extensive mission background, free video news shows, and exclusive insight from a decorated team of military veterans.

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Kuma: War is a military action game that relies more or less on the events in Iraq. The idea is to take the news on TV about the war and then transcribe them into different missions.
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Kuma War - Game Page

My friend and I enjoy playing a Kuma War game very much because, by having a good fight with your community of players under the Kuma flag, we managed to focus and be ready to resume our own personal Kuma wars. Thank you so much.

If you are looking for a stimulating war game I suggest you try the latest martial game known as Kuma War. The "Kuma" logo awakens, in my heart first and then in my head, echoes of ancient civilizations in far away countries. In turn, this is pushing up any buried echo of kuma fighting instincts.

If you hear a subdued chanting like "kuma... kuma" raising to a quick rhythm and slowly but consistently reaching a shouting "kuma... kuma" explosion, beware because it is the potent kuma war call of a very angry population of great fighters.

Many players who enjoy Kuma war have certainly been wondering about the real meaning of the kuma wording. After a long search among war experts, it would appear that its meaning stands for "keep up my army".

I am a kuma war player as well as history lover. I like to think kuma was a much loved girl somebody took away from family life. It then followed that the kuma family started war, later translated into this game I enjoy so much.

Kuma War - part 2

Enthusiasm for a game is taking over my life. This has happened when war was declared within my friends at the discovery of the game Kuma War. I even draw maps of make-believe kuma deserts; using the name "kuma" as password; dreaming of far away shining kuma star war.

I am a nob playing the Kuma War game which I enjoy very much. At the same time I am rather puzzled by the effect on me of the title wording: it makes me think of lullaby or of whispering leaves rather than war games.

As far as battling games online I do not think you need go far away to find one. My answer is the Kuma war for actions, plot, swiftness of movements, special effects and overall free satisfaction. It's very enjoyable and for this I advise you to click on it.

I am tired of hearing or seeing written absurd riddles concerning the meaning of kuma so, please, is there someone interested in geography because I don't know if is the proper name of a geographic place or if is only a fantasy name for a beautiful game.

The citizens of a far away country are extremely enraged due to the news printed in the national gazzette announcing that the Kuma war has been declared and all able men should abandon their families and take up the arms to defend their land.

This is for the player of Kuma war who has kindly given us the information of the existence of a city with this name and of its population. However if you check on a map you will find it spelt with a letter "C" instead of a "K". However the game is very good, who cares about its spelling?

I dreamt I was hiding a soldier from Kuma war who had lost his way back home after being discharged from his unit. I told him that I was an admirer of his country and that we were following all war actions with trepidation and that we liked their gaming very much.

Interest on derivation or origin of the name given to my favorite game online is not over yet because kuma war is really originated by a geographical name and its population but it is spelt "cuma".

With my friends we are trying to find out the real location of the game called Kuma War because we would like to have a real idea of its geographical surroundings. We are also very keen in learning about strange thinks and not only in playing.

A wonderful news has just reached me, that is a very closed friend of mine is coming back to play kuma war so I shall learn from him what has happened for real over their and adjust my playing the game.

I have recently stop from playing kuma war and all this quite way of living is unreal to me. I think I should look for some friends who can join me with a bit of actions and excitement.

Last night we played a real kuma war on site instead of online with me and my brother on one side and my mum and dad the other side. It was a no win situation but we kept our original positions. We decided to have a better game when we are all more relaxed.

Lately we have had no news on how the Kuma War game is progressing. May be it has had a temporary lapse due to the second crash we have seen occurring online on one of our most loved site.

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