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Palisade Guardian 2 is a very popular shooting game. Defend your base from an invading army and use all the firepower you can to kill the incoming enemies (soldiers, tanks and helicopters) before they destroy your palisade. Wave after wave you defend the base through several levels of difficulty.
Palisade Guardian 2 is a modern warfare version of the previous successful game Palisade Guardian.
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Palisade Guardian 2 screenshots


There has been an enthusiastic response to "Palisade Guardian 2". We have received an impressive response by all players. We wish to apologize for having kept our guardian lovers waiting so long before uploading the second version. Rest assured we are here to please you, so let us know your desiderata and we shall do all we can to offer you the best possible game selection.

To all players: we are studying ways to improve the game. For this reason we shall ask you, from time to time, particular question concerning the game until we have a complete picture of what is required in the way of further improvements and/or extra versions. Palisade Guardian title is here to stay!

We invite all Palisade Guardian 2 players interested in a multiplayer version of the game to let us know whether they like alternative game designs e.g. round, square, even octagonal or interred underground or aerial suspensions combined with multi weapons.

Sometime ago we asked our players to let us know their preferences of form so we could notify the developers in planning future versions of the game Palisade. We do not appear to have received enough answers. Please help us improving the game and have an active part in how the next Palisade game will be developed, let us know your ideas and suggestions with regard to backgrounds, weapon updates, enemies unit and capabilities. Thank you.

Palisade Guardian 2 screenshots


Calling all Palisade Guardian players, especially those who have reached a good level of competence. I suggest you check your own expertise against the warfare improvements offered by the latest version 2. By playing this game you shall perfect your guardian skills to new heights.

To all Palisade Guardian in general and to the pal who has asked me for another tip to improve his knowledge. The best sequence is to follow up with Guardian 2. Take it slowly and keep on practicing the previous game as well following both guardian games you keep up your strength and add new skills. Certainly by following the two games you cannot but improve.

I have only now realized how is much more intriguing than just a game simply implying a fight between you and an enemy group of soldiers. The guardian does not only guards his own base; it's also guarded by the enemy! For this reason it's quite more interesting compared to the first edition.

Players of Palisade Guardian 2 would like to see a multiplayer version of this game. We are confident you will not disappoint all your faithful guardians and that you will appreciate the reason behind it: all of us have at least one friend with whom we like to share things but, unless the game is upgraded, we cannot play it with our friends.

I was happy to read that palisade guardian is now available once more because this defense game is highly appreciated by me and all those who like to play first person shooter free games.

News has reached me that a new, outstanding game has been released for the joy of players like me. It's called Palisade and you can find it under different version and denomination. I can assure you it's good.

I am a passionate player of "Palisade" a game that among other things reminds me of a summer holiday where I had the opportunity to see how one had been transformed into a well designed and tended roof garden. It has an extraordinary effect on all my senses due to the variety of plants selected, the good assortment of colors so pleasing to the eyes and the subtle variety of smell tantalizing my nostrils while the music of birds and the flights of myriad of butterflies were sweetening my ears. It is amazing how a garden as well as a modern shooting game can come together in my mind to help relieve all stress from me: one by allowing all tensions to get out of my system through a game of violent actions, the other obtaining exact results by sending into meditative mood all my senses.

Apart from personal views or tastes it's obvious from resulting citations frequencies that the game Palisade is sought after and liked quite a lot around the world.

When I play I imagine I am moving inside a self-contained palisade which I am trying to protect from the incursion of many enemies. The act of playing as guardian of the palisade gives two effects: it increases my self esteem as well as improving my shooting skills.

Palisade Guardian 2 screenshots

I have started only recently to play it but I hope to be soon able to pass to higher levels and eventually complete the whole game. Is the previous version of the game as good as this one? I am keen to find out by myself...

From one player to another. A light has gone off on general panel of games whilst a rolling noise started in your sector. Can you tell me what kind of problem we are dealing with apart from some well known players, trying to enter from the wrong route and or without a proper pass?

Reference call received by guardian 2. The light gone off in electric board had not been changed when due, while the strange noise perceived in the game by your refined hearing was due to two pidgeons cooing on an outside line. Glad to report the game is all in order.

Before attempting high grades such as those offered by Palisade Guardian 2, please ensure you have assimilated and digested the experiences offered by its predecessor which introduces you gradually to higher and subler nuances up the scale of difficulties.

I am addicted to this game so much that when my internet connection is not working and I cannot play I feel terrible. Would it be possible to download it on my local computer? I have no knowledge of these kind of things, please forgive me if I am rather naive.

Since receiving your report about two pidgeons cooing on one outside line in guardian 2 compound we have made arrangement for a special net to be put on all outside lines covering the perimeter of the entire palisade :)

Version 2 is much better than the previous one but not good enough. I found it boring and after few minutes of it I have to change and I will never complete it.

I am enjoying very much gaming online because I have to be vigil and you cannot be distracted: in this game all my senses have to be alert as if also my life was in danger and in playing I forget all about the school troubles.

These days I have taken on new training to qualify for another job. You will think it is very strange but I am playing instead of studying because it is very enjoyable and it is much better than a boring manual!

Well, I do not understand why a great number of players find it nice to play Palisade (any version) a game which, personally I find rather dull and boring. Sorry, pals but my taste and views on this topic are quite different from yours.

Last night my computer went off so I had to entertain myself otherwise. It was impossible to play my favorite game Guardian 2 so I decided to have some fun by playing hide and seek with my best friend i.e. my dog.

Palisade Guardian 2 screenshots

The other day I lost connection wile playing on your website. I was furious because I could not connect with the site for over two hours. Internet lines for games should be kept free at all times because boys like me have very limited time to play games.

I have noticed a slow but steady and consistent advancement of the palisade genre among the games online. I am glad because I am a fan of these kinds of gaming. Even if I have very little time I never loose the chance of having a quick shot at it :)

Everybody has a dream. Well I too have one that some of you big guys can materialize. I would like to find a palisade game genre made up of interlocking multilevel planes composed like labyrinths with the added complexity created by multiple weapons and shields interlinked. It would be the coolest game on earth!

This is for the game designer who wants to hear suggestions from us players because he is trying to build us the perfect game of our dreams. My suggestion is: please, create a game then play it and you shall understand exactly what you need to change. Easy isn't it?

I am an old player of the Palisade game and I have read the player's suggestion that the designer should play the game to learn how to improve it and I disagree because when we play we all have different perceptions, reactions and preferences. What the designer wants is to know what the majority of players want.

I like the idea suggested by another pal of this cool defense game to have a palisade taking the shape of a labyrinth especially with the added complication of an upstair and downstairs with many different ways to move from one plane to the other. Will it be possible?

I can answer with a yes to the above question: it can be done. Anything is possible if you have the will.

I am a happy shooter and personally I could not waste time about the shape. What makes me excited is the action, the progressive difficulty on keep on going and survive next wave which make this game enjoyable.

To the pal who has recently requested to change palisade guardian to the extent that almost everything would be modified. I like it the way it is. If one wants to modify almost everything then it means he wants another game altogether.

Palisade Guardian 2 screenshots


Further to previous call for a cheating player to come forward and identify itself, the Palisade team need a clean group of players to take good care for a smooth running of the match and cannot allow in any circumstance the continuation of certain practices.

Palisade Guardian 2 screenshots


FPS Palisade Guardian is one of the greatest defense play you can enjoy in his genre.

In a world of war invasions Palisade is a game were you put your skills above all, but when you defend your city in Palisade Guardian 2 you will also need concentration if to emerge as a top defender soldier, and there is no more rewarding thing in this modern warfare game that take all the enemies out. Become a hero in this world at war by killing all the invaders.

I don't understand all the fuss about this game. Version 2 is not much different from the original one and personally I am getting rather bored of your praises about it. Too much ado about nothing, it is only a defence game!

Open letter

The sun is out breaking on the horizon announcing the end of an extended rainy season. Everything stands still like in a sculptured gallery scene or a guarded enclave.

I take advantage of this accidental moment of ceased fir and take the opportunity to invite you all to contribute to the expansion and betterment of our collection of shooting plays by sending us your points of view, opinions and suggestions, no matter how far-fetched they may sound, to improve this site according to the latest trends and/or dreams within your age group of players.

Please, don't be shy nor afraid to express your views, your wishes within the warfare plays you are dreaming of and unable yet to see materialized.

We are here to see that you reach what you desire. The easiest way to obtain it is to come out and tell us all about it so we can try to realize your even most wildest dream in the defense and attack shooting sectors; be it a different story or setting, a graphic or sound effect or the most advanced warfare device. If you don't tell us we cannot help giving you what you aspire to, because that is also our own target.

Without your contributions all the shooting plays we have and/or shall collect would not be seen nor fired. We are confident you shall understand that is a two-ways channel but just one target.

We look forward to hearing from you all. Many, many thanks. is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!