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Raze 2 is a 2D shooting game were you fight against aliens.
Select a good weapon and save the human race.
Play the hacked version for unlimited credits and infinite ammo.
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We are happy to present you both versions of the game Raze 2, standard and hacked. In the hacked version players have unlimited credits, all the weapons available, infinite ammo and energy as well as rapid fire and invulnerability! If you're a new player we suggest you to start with the normal version and follow up with the hacked one later.

We apologize to all players and visitors who last week could not play their favorite games, especially those very keen on playing Raze, because they were unable to reach our website due to an extraordinary and atypical power failure which paralyzed our US server and, in turn, cut off our visitors from the States.

Calling all players who enjoyed Raze to inform them that is now available Raze 2. This sequel is another two-dimensional scrolling game leading to the end destruction of everything pre-existing at the start of the game. It also shows various improvements.

Raze 2 screenshots


I have noticed that Raze is spreading its wings higher and higher and more and more people, even grown-ups enjoy playing this quite pleasant game but do not forget to have a raving session with the hacked version which is very nice to say the least. Actually it is GREAT and COOL to the highest level.

Thank you for attracting my attention to the new sequel of Raze 2. If you had not talked about it I would have missed it which is exactly what happened to the previous one. Yes I did not know about it so I went to have a go at Raze, then I checked version 2. You are right in saying it has been improved.

I would really appreciate if someone could let me know why Raze 2 is undervalued because I think is outstanding in its genre. After all why should we allow these aliens to raze bare our own land and everything on it? By the way I think it's time for Raze 3 to come out. When can we expect next chapter to arrive?

I am a newcomer to the online jungle of games. I have found one called Raze 2 which I can also play with my two best friends. Would someone, experienced in such kind of games, suggest a similar one to Raze 2, possibly with co-op mode?

For the online newcomer who asked suggestion about other similar Raze games already available. I advise you to experiment a bit longer until you are really familiar with Raze 2. Meanwhile we shall plan a superior master game, possibly Raze 3 :)

I have discovered only recently this game. Playing it makes me shiver and blood in my vein turns cold due to the level of excitement I reach when the game reaches complete razing status.

The other day my best friend has asked me to play this new game Raze and tell him whether I like it or not. Well I really think this game is a cracker! By the way it is a shooting game with death matches and more, do try it! It is good!

At school friends have been talking about smashing games such as this one. Some say it is really cool: as the end everything is demolished and the ground is looking as if a final bombardment took place.

I have heard that there is a new and interesting game being requested more and more. It is called Raze like this one here, were the locals are trying to spring clean the territory of all aliens or pseudo aliens infesting their territory. is it this the game?

Dear pal, after your pictorial introduction of one of the best rising stars in the field of great shooting games I thought you had gone over the line. In fact you had been true to what should have been called "Rave" instead of "Raze" because the hacked version could send you raving mad with excitement, satisfaction and exhaustion beyond any possible belief.

Raze 2 screenshots

This wonderful shooting game, known by the name of Raze, is now becoming the craze of players on line. Everybody is talking of it, very soon almost all those my generation will play it, and older ones shall envy us because if they do it now we will think them a bit crazy.

help! Will someone let me know if you have discovered a shooting game capable to compete with the top of the range as we all know to be Raze especially in its hacked version which is something to become delirious about?

Raze is a strange sounds like that of a buzzing wasp and with even worse effects if you learn how to play it properly. In fact everything in your way should end up razed to the ground and every person, animal, thing completely destroyed.

Further to a comment on the way to play Raze 2 which I have appreciated so much. I am a faithful player of this superb game, whichever version I happen to play, but I have to admit I cannot resist favoring the hacked one although I must concede the standard version is as much exhilarating as it is nerve raking due to increasing tension.

Keep down, keep low, don't make noises. The so called Raze game is getting ready, worse than buldozers to destroy absolutely everything it crosses its march forward, beware! You have been warned in time! After its passage nothing shall remains.

I think is real pleasure to play it and that the closing part is quite sensational. You find yourself completely surrounded by aliens and looking down a collapsed world at your feet. Thus you feel like a real hero.

No wonder that Raze number of players is steadily increasing. It is a great shooting game that allows great excitement plus in its hacked version as many credits you care to collect and many other benefits we mature by challenging our staying power on the game instead of just giving it a shot and run away. Do try it and you will get hooked on it.

The more I play it, the more I like it. Of course I am talking about the game Raze which is synonym of destroyer. Once it has come across a place nothing exist any more.

I have seen your invitation to play raze 2, a two dimensional scrolling and a third person shooter which I consider an asset since it allows me to locate where the enemy is waiting to shoot me instead of being a sitting target. Furthermore it is free-to-play and does not require wasting time for loading and downloading so I definitely think I shall give it a try.

Raze 2 screenshots

I am a daily player of Raze and I am looking for a pal with similar taste to play the game together and much more. I have clear ideas about good games which are very different from the actual stars rating.

If you are angry with somebody you cannot fight in any direct manner, my advice is to play the game Raze because through it you will be able to discharge all your anguish and rage with full satisfaction of the end result once you have learnt how to complete it because nothing will survive its force of destruction.

I like very much this shooting game Raze and I think it is great fun for boys of my age because I can play it by myself as well as with my friends. You can even have a quick game at school because is unlocked!

I have found my favorite game with Raze which so far I have been unable to master and this I particularly like because once I find it easy to play somehow my interest for it vanished and I start wanting to play something else.

What a great game is! I have introduced it to all my friends. Please note that I don't play its hacked version because there is no fun and no challenge in being invincible, and I really don't understand how some players can like it.

I am a new player of RAZE in its classic version which is quite cool but after having tried it switch over to the hacked one, oh boy, you will not believe it what you can do, the amount of credits and an entire arsenal of weapons to choose from, and rapid fire! To all this bounty add the certainty of being invulnerable and tell me: would you want anything more apart from loosing yourself in this COOL experience?

Raze 2 screenshots


Two friends have asked me what kind of game is Raze 2 so here I am trying to give them an idea. You shoot at aliens in a 2D scrolling world. The game is versatile, has beautiful settings, flashing enhancement and startling gameplay. Even the closing razing has a fascination of its own.

My friends and I like the game Raze more than others. Apart for the killing of all invading aliens we like also the settings, the colours and the sounds of the game together with the background rythm accompanying the action.

I do not understand why you are so much taken by a 2D scrolling side game. The backgrounds are lovely and I really enjoy shooting and burning all those aliens but after all is only a 2D game. Raze is a fast pace shooting game that I enjoyed, but I still prefer 3D titles, sorry.

My personal opinion of Raze is simply that it is a winner in every sense: a great game, with nice backgrounds and front scene action matched equally well by the animation and sounds impact. All in all I do not hesitate to say: thumb up!

Raze 2 screenshots


Have you tried to play Raze 2 the two-dimensional scrolling third person shooter which at present is the rage among many young players and even not so young. It has also a hacked version which is really something to brag about.

Popularity for the fast pace shooting game Raze is increasing everyday in both classic version but even more so for the hacked one which gives players every possible benefit including invulnerability!

Alarm! Among Raze 2 lovers. We have heard from unknown sources that the game has been razed by two destroyers. We do not known the extent of the damage nor if Raze 2 can be back to normal, however we shall let you know the result of our enquiry. We keep on hoping it is just a bad joke invented by some kind of enemy of Raze 2.

Further to our yesterday news, we apologize for the misleading broadcasted message which we herewith rectify. Due to a faulty communication line, a destination inversion occurred. We apologize. The announcement should have read as it follow: "Raze 2 has succeeded in razing two destroyers".

The ascent number of players choosing to play Raze recently is steadily increasing but we are not wondering why this is happening. We know why: especially for the cool hacked version which, among other benefits it gives you unlimited ammunitions, rapid fire, etc. we insist you try it. The game finishes only when you decide to stop since nobody can kill you. Wow!

Raze 2 screenshots


I strongly suspect my neighbour's cat to have access to the Raze game because he is razing the lawn every morning with great enjoyment rolling twice on each side and making funny noises. It is great!

I am so pleased today because my friends have started calling me Raze; yes like the great online game I cannot stop playing. They call me like it because I often speak about aliens and because I am rather impetuous and tend to destroy almost anything standing in my way.

I have two passions: one is to play online games of which my preference is RAZE, the other one is painting with watercolors. Well, something strange occurred last night. After a quick game I went to sleep. When I woke up this morning I jumped because on the wall facing me was a painting of a favorite game stage. Did I really sleep or did I play in my sleep?

Letter to Editor

What has happened to the gaming evolution for the over 60s? I can hear someone sniggering down there, especially if I asked why no one has not yet thought how to entertain women who have gone through life changes, unthinkable at the time of their birth, beyond any expectation or flight of the imagination.

All that was safe, is no more. Where there was certainty, there is now a wiped out territory inhabited by weapons capable of shooting supersonic bullets in a matter of seconds, leaving complete destruction under the excuse of killing aliens.

Where is the fun for these mums and grannies to get off accumulated stress and depression? Where is the promise of relaxation at the push of a button on a keyboard? What kind of entertainments can modern society offer a growing population of young-at-heart octogenarians?

Why not cater for such a growing big slice of cake awaiting eagerly to savour new games? New challenges? Where are modern puzzles awaiting solution or alternative options? Why not enquire and research among those who are part of it and who, alone, can give us a clue leading to new playing grounds to feed their minds while entertaining them in a fun and amusing way? is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!