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Red Crucible 2: Armed Wolf Clan

ARMED WOLF Clan – Official Page

To register with the Clan email the webmaster (email address at bottom page “contact”)
or simply register at Red Crucible game with a username that start with “armedwolf_” followed by any number.

The Clan is aiming at becoming the most influential Red Crucible player group.
The Game Developer may provide Clan support in the close future as they like the idea,
but this page is all we have at the moment and we thanks for their great support.

Armed Wolf Members:

  • Armedwolf
  • Armedwolf_1
  • Armedwolf_856
  • Armedwolf_653
  • Armedwolf_752
  • Armedwolf_986
  • Armedwolf_345
  • Armedwolf_753
  • Armedwolf_862
  • Armedwolf_589
  • armedwolf_012426

Clan Rules:

We have no Leader.
As real Wolves we take part in coordinated pack attacks but we also act alone.
Always accept in-game friendship requests from an Armed Wolf Clan member.
We never cheat.

Join the community and feel free to use the comment box below (moderation in place).

Play Red Crucible

135 responses to “Red Crucible 2 – Armed Wolf Clan”

  1. Dylan says:

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Dylan and I’m the one responsible for keeping this page updated.
    I play Red Crucible under the username of “Armedwolf”.
    I’m looking forward to meet all of you inside the game and if you have any question or suggestions do not hesitate to leave a comment on this page.

    We are planing a team match against another group of players… I’ll keep you posted.

    • hi um my name is
      redshotRED and i play far a clan that has the same name THE ARMED WOLF CLAN i think i play for not sure

      • estrikalhado says:

        i think that is not the same clan because our clan, username need to start as armedwolf_XXXX, XXXX is to you to config what you desire, so if you want i can add you to our clan, create a new username in red crucible or if you can change it to start with armedwolf_, then you send me message with your username an i add you to the clan

  2. Dylan says:

    A quick note for new Clan members.

    When you register with the game please pick a name that start with “Armedwolf_”. Make it much easier to find you and the games you create.

    Don’t wait for other members of the Clan to discover you, but search the players username and send a request of friendship to each one of us (see list above).

    I will add your username to the list on this page as soon as I can, please be patient.

    Once inside if you click on a Clan member username link (under friends) you’ll connect with him and share his view while playing, now you can watch him playing (a good way to learn some tricks) or you can enter the game by selecting the team (blue/red squares at top page) and join him.

  3. Armedwolf_5321 says:

    Rock and roll boys!!!!! Armedwolf rule in Red crucible….

  4. Armedwolf_345 says:

    What weapon is it in the picture?
    How do you get it?

    • Dylan says:

      The weapon is called ‘Minigun’ and you can find it at the weapons store (bottom page).
      You need to purchase coins in order to equip your avatar with the Minigun.

  5. Armedwolf_5321 says:

    Wow….am going to get a Minigun.

    • Dylan says:

      Armedwolf_5321 I didn’t receive your friendship request!
      Welcome to the Clan, I will add your username in this page as soon as your friendship is confirmed from the majority of Clan members.
      Please, if you get the Minigun let us know what you think about it. Probably is a good weapon but I doubt it is worth to pay for it.

    • Nona says:

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  6. Tay Moolianies says:

    Is It Necessary To Have “Armored Wolf” In Your Name To Join?

    • Dylan says:

      No it is not mandatory, you can pick any name.
      In fact we have the player ‘Ziani’ (a good player!) that also is part of the Clan and I will add him to the list very soon. Sorry Ziani for the delate.

      Tay don’t forget to tell us about your username!

    • Cammie says:

      Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inocterenh. Not this!

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  7. Shadowpilot says:

    My name is Shadowpilot. My best killstreak is 24. Can i join?

    • Dylan says:

      Shadowpilot You welcome to join the Clan.
      All Clan members please take note and add Shadowpilot to your friends list.
      I will update the Clan members list on this page very soon.

      PS Shadowpilot I got your email address but for obvious reasons I didn’t publish it on this page.

  8. zac7 says:

    hiii…my name is zac7 and im level 8 . can i join

  9. Fashbat says:

    How big is your clan????

  10. Chris says:

    well hi. im still kinda new but my name is Gunz4 im a level 5 and my highest killstreak is 16. is that good enough to join???

  11. Edan says:

    Heya, would i be able to join? i will make a new account with the appropriate name and can play most nights. Would love to join so i can have some company playing RC2 because its boring by yourself haha.

  12. Chris says:

    now im level 8, not 5

  13. Dylan says:

    Zac7 and Gunz4 you’re welcome to join the Clan, I’ll send you a friend request inside the game. Please check the above list and add all the other clan members to your friends list.

    Is much easier to find each other inside the game if you register with the name Armedwolf_ , but if you are not a new player and don’t want to loose your achievements you can join the Clan with your current username.

    Eden you can join with your current username if you wish so, just send us a friend request and you’ll be part of the Clan.

    The above members list is very much out of date, we have many more players now and I will publish a new one very soon, sorry about that.

  14. Edan says:

    im going to make a new account with the name Armedwolf_x901, doesnt bother me having to start again. and thanks 🙂

  15. Edan says:

    when i try to add people from the clan, the only person that shows when i type “Armedwolf_” is Armedwolf_5321, could yous try adding me maybe?

  16. Chris says:

    well ive added everybody here besides shadow pilot, when i search for him, nothin comes up. everyone else came up though

  17. Dylan says:

    Shadowpilot I cannot find you! If you are playing under a different username please let us know.

    Everybody please add Armedwolf_5321 to your friends list.

  18. Kyle Vesco says:

    Hows it going, this game is awesome. Have you ever tried other games like it?

  19. Angel says:

    very nice game, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  20. BILLIE says:

    Hi webmaster, your “Red Crucible” game was exactly what I was searching for!

  21. ÿþw says:

    Great work! This is the kind of Clan that is supposed to be shared across the web.

  22. Yackley says:

    Thanks for a quality website. I like the way you put your team players together. Red Crucible 2 is a tremendous game and has a really wonderful graphics.

  23. Anthony Obrien says:

    Your Website is full of interesting games I never played before. A big thank you to!

  24. Astrid Keenum says:

    Hello you all, good Website. I am proud to have founded it. I am playing some cool games here. I will bookmark it surely. Thank you to the webmaster. See you all.

  25. Ugly Seducer says:

    Way cool! Some very nice teamplay in this Clan! I appreciate your effort plus the rest of the website is really good.

  26. igrzyska smierci says:

    Red Crucible 2 is highly enjoyable for me. Massive thumbs up for this game!

  27. Nahm says:

    I visited many sites and your games selection is fabulous, but this is by far the best game.

  28. killer345 says:

    Red Crucible is really a great game. Please keep us up to date. Thank you for everything.

  29. Merriman says:

    I was looking for a game like that! Thanks again.

  30. cherry says:

    Howdy. Very nice game!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your web site and play more games!

  31. Riesner says:

    I love your website, dont find many that are with so many nice games, especially Red Crucible 2.

  32. Die besten says:

    My brother recommended I might like this game. He used to be totally right. This game actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent playing here! Thanks!

  33. Armedwolf_862 says:

    Enjoyed that. Thanks for the nice match!

  34. James says:

    Red Crucible is the best game ever! No lie!!

  35. Wojner says:

    Hello my friends! I want to say that this game is amazing, nice graphics and gameplay. I’d like to see more games like this .

  36. rino says:

    Just amazing game.Am going to join the clan today…

  37. Armedwolf_752 says:

    Thank you for today fantastic match. Red Crucible 2 rocks!!!!

  38. Harrison says:

    This is seriously one of the most EPIC games I’ve played this year, period.

  39. Eyler says:

    Really nice to see this sort of superb game. You have made my day! Thank you.

  40. Kinoshita says:

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  47. Delmonico says:

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  48. Seymour says:

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  49. Barnablan says:

    Nice game. Just wanted to mention it…

  50. Rocky Balboa says:

    Am looking to play red crucible next saturday around 3pm La time,every one is welcome, am Armedwolf 95123.

  51. Merithew says:

    I really like it when folks get together and play matches. It’s great to have a Clan and I would like to join you, but this Saturday I cannot! Dam!|

  52. jett562 says:

    can i join i go under the name of jett562

    • Dylan says:

      Jett562 you can join us, everybody is welcome!
      Try to locate other members inside the game, many have a name starting with Armedwolf_ but many others haven’t (I have to make a list of all other names… what a mess! I apologize)
      See you there 🙂

  53. Zamostny says:

    amazing free multiplayer, exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

  54. Ravenna Dream says:

    Is red crucible totally free??????

  55. jett562 says:


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  56. jett562 says:

    IS it red crucible 1 or 2

    • Dylan says:

      Currently is Red Crucible 2.

      Before was Red Crucible 1 but is constantly updating the games and now we’re on version 2.

  57. KillerBeast says:


  58. Drake says:

    Eh eh eh! Armedwolf_345 I know you’re hiding here somewhere… you didn’t see this coming? After 4 long days my hunt is coming to an end, and I’m going to get you soldier! Have a nice day. Bye

    • Armedwolf_862 says:

      Drake, if you mess with him I’m going to mess with you!

    • Armedwolf_345 says:

      I’m not hiding Drake, I’m not like you sniper boy!
      Next time we play I’ll take my Tank and run over you, over and over again, like the last time do you remember?
      I won’t waste a single bullet on you!

  59. jett562 says:

    So armed wolf canyou get kicked

  60. Armedwolf_5321 says:

    Drake, I wouldn’t mess with the entire Clan if I were you!
    We’re going to kick your ass!

  61. jett562 says:

    Death to you


  62. Dorothy says:

    Red Crucible 2 and BeGone are my favorite games.

  63. jett562 says:

    Im not getting anynes friends requests!!!!!!

    • Dylan says:

      Jett562 you’re right.
      Unfortunately the server and database changed and many of us (including myself) lost their account.
      I had to open a new one dam!

      Currently we’re trying to regroup…

  64. jett562 says:


  65. Joe says:

    This game is really cool!

  66. Andrew P. says:

    I’m an old Red Crucible 2 player and an Armed Wolf Clan member, when I was online I met this casual player elmatadoro, and I introduced him to some of you, I really like him and I hope he’ll join us. He is a good player!

  67. Alfano says:

    I simply could not leave this site prior to say that I extremely enjoyed Red Crucible.

  68. Angelo Gustison says:

    Big fan of this site, have really enjoyed many of your games. Looking forward to more!

  69. Hugo says:

    I absolutely love your site and find nearly all of your games to be just what I’m looking for but Red Crucible is really special. Again, awesome website!

  70. Truitt says:

    Greetings from a New York player, I’m back online!

  71. Toshitokio says:

    Drake you suck! 🙁

  72. Bernet says:

    Thanks ! This game very nice …

  73. Omer says:

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  76. Whitney says:

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  77. jett562 says:

    Drake suck s and im still not getting any ones friend request

  78. Ramone says:

    Jett562 I’ve sent a friend request to you long time ago but you didn’t answer!

  79. ralph says:

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  81. Stan says:

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    — Stan

  82. Beulah says:

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  83. jett562 says:

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  84. Johnson says:

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