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Russias Army is one of the best multiplayer first-person shooters with impressive 3D graphics. You can use many weapons and the maps are really huge. Have fun!
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Russias Army screenshots

Russias Army - Announcements

We wish to mention a new game named Russias Army which should appeal to an entire generation of young people.
The game can be played solo but being a multiplayer allows also team play.

Call for all lovers of Russias Army to convey together to a master throphy competition. The winner shall receive in custody a great valuable prize, the title of "Top Soldier 2012" plus free entry to next event. Interested players please enroll.

We have just heard that Russias Army is going to be upgrated to number two. Should it be true we would appreciate knowing that there shall be added some small diversions by creating different units.

Russias Army screenshots

Russias Army - Comments

Not everyone agrees with everybody's opinions. However it is good to be able to know what other players think about a game so each of us can find the games they liked without wasting time in blind errands whilst by reading other pal's opinion one can find that a game like Russias has to offer all they are looking for.

Some friends of mine have just come back from Russia where they have discovered the boys there play the same game but the denomination of the game is different. Why is that?

I am a solo player of Russias Army. I would like to raise my level of competence because I do not have much army experience. Will someone, who has managed to complete this type of army experience, even not necessarily with Russia, be willing to make few suggestions so I may get on better? Any army tip will be much appreciated.

I like a good game of "Russias Army" because I can change my task in a pretending game of my own: I can switch from being in charge of the army or being a simple soldier. In both instances I feel very proud, although when I act as a soldier my mind goes back to my russias family which is dangerous: a soldier should be vigil at all times.

I am a newcomer as far as online war games are concerned. My idea of Russia's Army is based on hold history books which I don't really know much. Would someone advise me on games full of action where to get the feeling of being in the middle of a war similar to the title Russias Army?

History is on the making! Russias game is revising their army. They are considering the times ready for radical changes at least on the playing ground of new weapons and uniforms. Shall we see a new version of Russia's army game anytime soon?

I have heard rumors about the definite movements of the Russia's army more or less on the same line as what happened in days gone by when they managed to make Napoleon retreat back.

I am looking for an alternative as well as a shorter route to reach the game known as Russias so I can try it and then decide later whether to include it with the games I usually play each day online. So far I have received very good comment about it.

I am getting tired of hearing cold weather report due to movements coming from eastern countries. I prefer to go there by a figurative way such as by playing the online game Russias which after all warms me up with actions.

Russias Army screenshots

My pal and I are trying to beat this game known under the name of Russias Army which is keeping us up late at night whilst our parents think we are fully asleep. Thus we get an extra kick out of gaming because of the added risk due to disobeying orders.

News have reached my player group that the Russias Army is assembling all her forces for new attacks against our team. This particular switching of positions is rather fascinating. Perhaps this is an extra reason why I prefer playing this game.

I had followed your suggestion to play Russias Army online and I enjoyed it, thanks for the advise. I had first a game on my own and later on some friends of mine joined me and we had a great time.

We have received reliable information that the Russias army is moving towards all its enemy teams by reassembling some of their units against different targets from what previously expected by players of the game. please alert as many teams as possible. Thank you.

Sometimes i wonder about the backgrounds we see when playing the Russias army game have some resemblance to the real geographical places. I would prefer it if the maps were similar to the real places. Are they?

No, thanks I am not interested to join you to play games as Russias Army. It is already cold enough here in England without going straight into unknown countries of which we do not understand anything at all. Let's stay on safe grounds :)

The weather lately has rally plaid against any idea that the Russias game army could make any kind of move towards west. Even online we have been precluded any attempt at entertaining any gaming with them. Let's hope conditions shall improve shortly or we shall all die of idleness.

Dear friend who enjoy playing Russias Army because you do not like unknown countries and cold weather but prefer to stay on safe grounds, I can assure you there are no places safe on this shooting game.

I wish someone would write a story about the Russias war game and, why not having many writers who try doing the same. I think that to play well we need also to be inspired by stories on the subject with whom we may identify ourselves. I am a bit like this type, when I get inspired I can manage wonderful things.

If you see advertised a link leading to this wonderful Russias game don't follow the first link you see or you could find yourself spending money you can save. You should look for a link leading you to a Site like that is free of charges.

Nowadays I am becoming rather adventurous. It is as if my feet have started hitching and I need to be on the move. For example lately I have an urge to go to Russias to play this great and fascinating online shooting game so many talk about.

Thanks for the advice not to follow the first link leading to Russias. Due to your indication I am now enjoying myself and saving money for other things. It is a good idea to help each other.

Russias Army screenshots

I have notice the rising popularity of Russias Army and I doubt very much it can outdo the intervention of my team which can gather together what is the best available players from many different nations. However I would like to know whether there is choice of participating teams and the possibility of having a team personalized outfit in the close future. Thanks.

Thanks to the pal who has launched the idea to write stories connected with this cool multiplayer shooting game. I shall think it over after I had few more sessions with Russias and, should this lights a few flaming ideas I shall do it myself.

Excellent idea you have shared with us. We feel confident someone out there will take it up to Russias and beyond. It is amazing how by shooting games you can get all sort of ideas but, why don't you take it up yourself? This way you would get even more fun from playing your loved game.

I am really puzzled by what I have been reading about this game comments. I am not sure about the sanity of these players who seem to want to turn into would-be writer. It makes me laugh, or is someone kidding and having a joke on us?

My friends have brought me news of this very nice game or should I say "cool" which would be more appropriate coming from Russias with or without love. I have searched for it, found it in this website and I like it very much.

To the player who likes chicken cooked differently each time and suggest we apply the same recipe to shooting games such as Russias. Well, in my view since in this instance the chicken part of the recipe is the game, the cook is represented by the player, i.e. you. So you should change the way you approach it and modify or improve your reactions, accuracy etc. Good work!

I have heard that upgrading to the maps of Russias are being rescheduled so even if progress appears to move slowly at present in a few weeks the maps of this beautiful shooting game should be absolutely spot on.

I am looking for the quickest and easiest way to play Russias because I have heard that it offers a nice gameplay and it is a very competitive game. I am new to this multiplayer but I have good experience of other similar shooting games and I will give it a try.

I have heard so much about Russias from my friends that I have decided to search for this game and start playing, otherwise I feel lost when they talk about it. Well, here I am! Thanks to this nice Website I've started to play one of the very best FPS I ever played in my life.

Russias Army screenshots

Russias Army - Curiosities

Last night I had a strange dream: I found myself in Russia's army like a nobody strenuously fighting to come out alive. The pace of the battle was unbearable. I was part of an army of Russias people who had undergone a most intense induction to the fighting game. However I was not fighting for Russia: in that instance fighting for life.

I know I am not good at playing Russias Army game but I like the make believe feeling I get and the excitement of pretending to be in Russia coping with my imagination against their army.

Russias Army screenshots

Russias Army - reviews

If you are looking for a war game in 3D that you can play with your friends look no further, this game is good. You'll be fighting in a war between the Russias Army and Nato forces in Europe.

I think you should beware before you take on playing the Russia's Army game. Even if you team up playing with your friends it should be rather daunting against any army but one like the Russia's even more so.

I am very much attracted by everything concerning shooting games especially multiplayers like the famous battlefield that my brother keep on playing. Now that I discovered Russias I am going to give it a try then I shall review it for you all. is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!