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Sanctioned Renegades is a very exciting FPS multiplayer that exceeded our expectations. The game is completely free and requires no installation, plus you can simply register as a guest and therefore no obligation to register. The game mode is currently supported is the traditional deathmach which, although very simplified, said games like Far Cry and Crysis, with decor elements also destructible. The level of graphic detail is fully customizable, so that the video resolution is in window mode or full screen. If you like to take on real players then Sanctioned Renegades is the game for you.

How to play Sanction Renegades: Left click for Shooting and right click for Zooming. Use Arrows to move around, 'R' to reload your weapon and 'G' to throw a grenade. You can also Chat with your team by pressing 'U' ('Enter' to chat with everybody).
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Sanctioned Renegades - Comments

At last someone has realized what a well made shooting game is Renegades! No matter if there are people who seem to think otherwise because in the long run they will be proved wrong.

Life for renegades players is getting quite tough since the advent online of the new Sanctioned Renegades, because life for this kind of players has definetly become more difficult due to the added sanctions. This is a real challenge, can you raise up to it?

I am a player that loves Renegades game genre but I don't seem to find much community any more. it seems the fashion is undergoing a change with younger players preferring other kind of shooting games to those multiplayers around a couple of years ago.

I am a fan of the Sanctioned Renegades mission which I have at last managed to complete. I admit I found it much harder than other similar games. However now I have a pressing question: when are you releasing Sanctioned Renegades 2? Please do not keep me waiting too long!

There is a sudden craze not only in my town but in the entire world. A growing population has become hooked to a particular game of renegades called Sanctioned Renegades who are the most hunted kind of renegades. It is real worldwide man-hunt. Why aren't you joining the hunt?

Do not expect an easy life as a sanctioned renegades because you are going to play the part of a disowned player, i.e. somebody who is no longer recognized as part of a community and you shall have no proper status. As it happens in real life also in a game a sanctioned renegades shall be treated as an illegal outsider who has no rights. So, follow my advice: stay far away from society and beware.

Sanctioned Renegades screenshots

I have heard that the hunt for sanctioned renegades has been called off because public opinion seems to object on moral ground whilst the world of online players counter-object by saying that they have not been sanctioned but are only make-believe renegades.

My favorite game is Sanctioned Renegades because it makes me feel part of the action. I feel good about it and not "renegades" because I am really the good guy and the other should be the ones sanctioned.

The other day I was playing this fantastic game with my online mate when I spotted a nice bird flying just over my head and I decided to shoot it down. To my surprise I really did! That was so cool, did anyone ever done something similar? I tried many times after that but I could not repeat it.

May be I am naive or may be I am just rather stupid but I do not understand how someone like those acting in a very nice game can be on a mission, in this case a very dangerous and risky one and at the same time being defined as "sanctioned" which seems a contradiction in terms because, should something go wrong, the competent authorities would disclaim any knowledge or responsibility in the matter. I know this is only a game, nevertheless I have a strange feeling things are not as they should be.

Can this game be played with a team of friends? Is it possible to set a private match?

To the pal interested in learning how many renegades are out there or may be how many shooting games of this type of mission you can find? Well, you could start your own research, then if you would kindly let us know, we would really appreciate it.

We have taken due note of your spring feeling about sanctioned renegades and are pleased to know you have appreciated playing both solo or with a team. We are as always at your disposal so, please, let us know if you have any suggestions.

I wonder my mates have lately gone off the Sanctioned Renegades which I find highly enjoyable. I suppose they go with fashion whilst I am quite comfortable with it and I find it offers a wide range of options. Will someone join me in a sanctioned renegades game?

Sanctioned Renegades screenshots

Would someone please explain to this raw player what "sanctioned" stands for in a gaming mission because it's beyond my knowledge and I would like to know instead of feeling rather stupid about it. Many thanks. I look forward to read about it.

In certain games I play on line I would like to see a reversal between the chaser and the one chased like if luck or expertise could change hand, especially in multiplayer games such as renegades.

Somebody mentioned to me the existence of a congregation of renegades within our island's territory but to my knowledge I could not tell you wether they are active at this special online game. I should be grateful if you would enquire and let me know at your earliest convenience.

I am under the impression that online games are undergoing increased changes. It is as if the online world of multiplayer type of games are being more and more sanctioned for some unexplained or incomprehensible and arcanum reason.

To the pal who would like to be sure about the real meaning of the word sanctioned within the context of a particular shooting games in general and in particular referred to a special kind of game sessions. As far as I understand it the meaning should be something like that of approved or authorized.

help! I do not seem to find the game of renegades either I am searching through the wrong route or something highly strange is happening. Will someone please lend me a handy to find them or let me know what has happened to them all?

From one pal to another who has asked about how many renegades there are. Honestly nobody could say with absolute certainty. However the world is quite vast and these type of playing may be going on not only with human being but also other species. Who could say?

To all my pals who said I would not make it to complete the entire renegades war match we played yesterday: I now await to collect my winning present from you all. I feel like I have grown two feet taller overnight. It is a great sensation!

Sanctioned Renegades screenshots

To the guy who is feeling great for having killed all other players in sanctioned match one, take a deep breath because problems may still be waiting on a corner. Please, remember there is still to win many more sanctioned matches so perhaps you should wisely defer all celebration to a later date.

From one renegades to another. What a tough game! Our own category is going through a crisis period like many before us. Do you have a strong team I can join? I am a decent player and I won't disappoint you.

I disagree with what has written another player about renegades. My friend and I enjoy playing it quite often because we enjoy both the game and the community, and we don't think the fashion is changing yet.

Everywhere players seem to talk more and more of a special category called renegades however I don't seem to find many games for these special players. Perhaps someone might be willing to help my research on the topic and explain me what is all about?

I am a fan of renegades which I play quite often so I have noticed that their kind of arenas are rather competitive because dominated by very organized and experienced players and you often find yourself in almost impossible situation. Just for the sake of nobs like me could we have some arenas reserved to a less experienced players? Thanks for taking notice.

Who cares how many renegades there are or not out there! All I am interested when I have 10 spare minutes is to get on line and play this amazing shooting game!

Thanks for offering your knowledge at our disposal to help us in case we had problems. We don't have real problems but we wish to be presented with shooting games which occasionally could be solved with intelligence should we wish to do so rather than with force. Especially when playing team work, it could be interesting to be able to find alternative solutions to the final result of a match. We would then be stimulated to use completely different kind of weapon which in my opinion could be more lethal than the most potent shooting gun.

Sanctioned Renegades screenshots

Sanctioned Renegades - Reviews

I have finally tried the game and I like it! For more fun and excitement I suggest to play it with a team of friends. I particularly liked the zoom feature giving you clear visibility and swift movement. A well done shooting game!

Sanctioned Renegades screenshots

Sanctioned Renegades - Announcements

It would appear that sanctioned renegades game has survived the opposition of a crowd of moral bigoted people just thanks to a good counsel for the defence who has rightly pointed out that being a game, these renegades had not been sanctioned so, rest assured that the "status quo" continues.

we are calling all Renegades for an update on the recent ways to meet latest rules on conducting your missions and avoid cheeky actions on behalf of online players of this game.

Latest news on renegades. Some of them have been given a reprive because they are aging fast so new ones shall have to substitute them; for this reason certain actions in the game might be changed to suit demands.

Our site has stopped receiving all the game updates referring to the so called sanctioned limitation rules. We are worried in case we have missed something important, please contact team leaders to clear up any outstanding positions.

No definitive rules have been sanctioned concerning this multiplayer game which is not only allowed but highly regarded due to the moral grounds it stands for young as well as older players. Is one of the best shooting games available for free online.

Sanctioned Renegades screenshots

Sanctioned Renegades - Cheats

Online gaming authority have established a new sanctioned committee for the regulations to be enforced in case of misbehaviour on the part of morose players with special reference to cheating and bulling. Should you disagree with this initiative and be happy with things as they are, please contact us.

New difficulties expected for all renegades on their missions due to the approval of even stricter sanctions on team play. Please inform as many players as possible to stay alert as much as possible with their team strategies and do not cheat.

I received news about a very important reunion of renegades players online; the reason behind it seems to be due to recent new rules approved by the game team as strictly to avoid undesirable cheaters at the forthcoming tournament next summer. is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!