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This is the SAS Zombie Assault 3 (1 and 2, too). The five rounds are fast but as a measure of growth, new weapons are unlocked (necessarily better) and the ability to change difficulty. Note that this game features a multiplayer mode and co-op which adds spice to a "simple" flash game.
SAS Zombie Assault 3 is one of the most popular games.
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SAS Zombie Assault 3 - Information

SAS Zombie Assault 3 is by far the best and advanced of the 3 games. Arcade game but also multiplayer, lots more guns and maps compare to previous versions, SAS Zombie is an online third person shooter with an apocalyptic scenario. You must keep up with waves of zombies, and the only way to survive is to fight on! Getting some friends to fight next to you will make you live longer and have more fun.

This is a follow-up on previous information concerning a particular Zombie Assault game which was incomplete to say the least. As a matter of fact the game known as SAS Zombie Assault 3 is a full co-op multiplayer game. We apologize for our oversight and wish you great fun with your friends.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 screenshots

SAS Zombie Assault 3 - Comments

I am not surprised to hear that Zombie Assault 3 is going strong and considered a top one also in the US. In fact is one of those games that can be classified a classic of the shooting genre and I know that occasionally also older players enjoy playing around.

From one zombie assault to another. Thank you for pointing out the game SAS Zombie. The start is easy enough, then both zombie's number and pace become increasingly fast. Absolutely great to gauge your strength and to improve your shooting accuracy.

I have become so addicted to playing SAS Zombie that I don't have even to switch on the computer to have great fun. It all happened by chance. One day I closed my eyes and find myself immersed in a dark world where, like in a dream, I could create my own world. I saw myself locked in my home being attacked by an increasing number of zombies wanting to enter. They were a multitude springing up from nowhere trying to force their way into my home to assail me. My defense was strenuous and the excitement great.

My best mate and his best friends are becoming addicted to the Zombies game in general and to the latest Assault 3. They enjoy a good sweating assault. As a matter of fact he is so taken by his zombie assaults that I have to call him at least three times before I can get an answer from him.

Appeal to all zombie players, especially those addicted to Assault 3, from as many country as possible, so we can realize together a great idea. We are an assault team of three fans who would like to organize a zombie assault competition. Please, join us in this massive multiplayer assault.

I have notice an increased pace of zombies last time I played this game. Is it only my impression or is the speed of zombies movement really increased?

I refer to your recent appeal concerning a massive assault competition based on the SAS Zombie (Assault 3) to inform you that my team is interested in joining the proposed assault and possibly kill all the zombies. Please contact us online.

I have read with interest and much gust to the experience lived by one player of SAS Zombie that seems to have reached an extremely high participation, to such an extent that one of its followers has achieved the point of being capable to visualize these phantoms at will: this capacity is called "visualization". Think how lucky he is: he can play even if he cannot get the internet!

SAS Zombie Assault 3 screenshots

My three friends and I have reached the conclusion that we should work out a real assault plan leading us, not only to a complete zombie defeat, but to their definitive annihilation. To reach our target we have chosen to play the "Assault 3" game which is the absolute recognized number one of its category.

My three pals and I have started applying their proposed plan to the SAS Zombie Assault 3 and they have managed to kill 164 zombies. They are planning to carry out a non-stop succession of assaults leading to the final disappearance of the entire zombie's community.

I am an online player and I think of all the games I have played I seem to end by closing on the absolute best of them all: yes I am sure you all have guessed that I am talking about the Zombie Assault 3.

Yesterday I found an interesting paper note on my computer reading as follows: "please remember to switch it off when you have finished shooting at your SAS Zombie Assault and avoid leaving it on stand-by because it is like leaving a water tap running, the only difference is in the type of energy wasted." Would you say it was a good reminder?

Thanks to the player who has recently be sharing his way of roaming around from his favorite games such as Zombie Assault 3 more or less to get something different from the usual routine.

How about having a worldwide competition of all the best teams of the game S.A.S. Zombie Assault? Would you consider participating with the same spirit of an olympic competition? If so, start working hard, you never know what you can achieve if you really want something.

A competition of the magnitude of a World Championship for the shooting playing category of online games such as is Zombie Assault 3 I think it would make a very cool and great event which would attract millions of players from around the World like me.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 screenshots

I am absolutely hooked on games like s.a.s. zombie assault where they burst out of nowhere like water sprinkling out of a fountain with no pattern of direction, no awareness of impending danger and even with joy as if they were going to play on a merry-go-round!

Thank you pal for the great idea of having a master event of shooting teams competing for the title with S.A.S. Zombie Assault. I am confident there shall be massive attendance. Please, let us know roughly when we can expect the coolest event of the year.

I cannot understand why but today I have been thinking all the time about playing online the exciting game known as S.A.S. Zombie Assault. The more I thought about it and wanted to get away from anything else the more I could not satisfy this strange urge.

I think that the most popular game online for boys of my age is Zombie Assault 3 and from some comment I have heard around it seems certain grannies ultramodern and fed up with usual sleeping serial are taking up shooting from their grandchildren and seem they are enjoy themselves.

I am a fan of Zombie Assault 3 looking for something different but still dealing with zombies. Is there someone willing to list me some more shooting games similar to this one and freely available online? Multiplayers are the ones I prefer. I would be very grateful for your help.

Personally I do not understand all the fuss around some of today games online, they all deal with shooting and killing like SAS Zombie Assault. It seems to me that it is like an anaesthetic: you play at it for three to five minutes and kill many zombies to get steam off your system, then you get on with your life.

My father says I am mesmerized by this particular game online called zombie assault 3, but I enjoy it so much that I cannot give it up and I must have at least one session a day together with my friends. I wish I could play it at school.

Although there are a lot of playing games about zombies one can choose from to exhaust the surplus of energy in one's overloaded system, it would appear that the majority of shooting players has a penchant for SAS Zombie Assault. In fact you can see it always at the top of any list of its category. No wonder: it's free and you can play it in co-op mode with your friends and yes, is a simple flash game but a great one.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 screenshots

SAS Zombie Assault 3 - Announcements

To those who enjoy shooting at zombies, you should try SAS Zombie where you are inside a house whilst the zombies tries to penetrate. There is nothing special in defending the house in this third player shooter, but if you play it in co-op mode with your friends is really great fun.

We have just heard from the latest selective and best informed zombie graveyard that another game, named "SAS Zombie Assault 3", has appeared online for the delight and sweat of all assault players specialized in zombies. There is also an added bonus: it's free of charge.

Further to our recent appeal to all SAS zombie players, we are delighted to inform you that all your adhesions are being conveyed to the committee of "SAS zombie" ( assault 1,2 and 3) who, in due corse, shall work out how to organize the three zombie assaults. Please carry on sending your assault adhesions.

We have received a cable concerning the SAS zombie game (Assault 3) which reads as follows: Request name of maps chosen for next three assaults against zombies. Please reply by return.

We received news of a revival of one of your favorite games. I am referring to sas zombie assault. It seem some special weapons will be added as well as new scenarios to enhance gameplay and speed. We would appreciate very much your comments on the new version.

Not withstanding the massive multiplayer assault carried out just over a month ago by many fans of one of the most loved games S.A.S. Zombie Assault, it would appear that they are not diminished in number. On the contrary they seem to be multiplying at an exceptionally fast rate.

Many thanks to the pal eager to attend what at present is only an idea to give all shooting players fans of Zombie Assault 3 a competition and rest assured that whenever this idea shall take form you will be advised immediately.

To all shooting players of SAS Zombie assault to inform you that we are considering to open team adhesion to a probable competition that will be added to our website. Do not expect an early date for this massive competition because to organize a worldwide event of this magnitude require the use of many resources.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 screenshots

SAS Zombie Assault 3 - Reviews

I like SAS Zombie assault 3 for a range of features such as the sudden impact of the assaults, the way zombies appear out of nowhere, the background music and much more. I shall list other features I like next time. I think three reasons are already more than enough.

I wish to thanks for introducing me to sas zombie assault game. I'm having great time in playing this game together with my friends. No doubt I can recommend it as top game thanks to its co-op mode.

The beauty of SAS Zombie Assault is all in its co-op mode really. I'm having great fun in playing this game together with my friends. Zombie Assault 3 is a well designed game, but nothing out of the ordinary when played alone.

If you ask me for a game that requires plenty of shooting around, fast change of action together with great cooperation strategy, well just get into Zombie Assault 3 and you shall have no time to think about something else.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 screenshots

SAS Zombie Assault 3 - Curiosities

Since they are always playing SAS Zombie assault game, my friends have been infected by a strange shooting games phobia. I cannot foresee a quick recovery from this addicting game, and I guess it shall take at least three days without access to the game for them to completely recover.

My friends and I made a trip to a nearby community to discover a special disco bearing our favorite online game i.e. zombie assault 3, where on stage behind the main characters were enacted sketches very similar to the famous mentioned game above. We were very much surprised but also pleased.

I never thought it could happen, but it did! When I came home from school I found my mother laughing happily at the computer while playing the Zombie Assault 3 game. I was speechless! is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!