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Sniper Assassin 3, as the name suggest, is the continuation of a successful sniper shooting game. The main character Swan, a marksman, is looking to revenge the assassination of his wife. The story present you some challenging tasks, and you need to locate and kill targets.
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Sniper Assassin 3 - Comments

From one pal to another. Thank you for drawing our attention to a most enjoyable game i.e. Sniper Assassin 3. In fact we are a group of three snipers who like to be in charge of the game and enjoy accuracy as well as a good pace of action.

I have experimented with Sniper Assassin but I have not yet managed to complete all the sniper's missions. Would it be possible to implement, within the game, a way for the sniper to call for suggestion when in a non-win/non-getting out situation?

This is a cry for help! I find myself stuck at an early level of the "Sniper Assassin 3" game. Perhaps some experienced sniper out there would be so kind to give me some clever clue so I can overcome my difficulty? Thank you so much!

The only way in Assassin 3 for a player to overcome being stuck is to have more than a loaded weapon ready for use: start shooting at a crazy non-stop rate with at least three loaded weapons in all directions. By the end of such a round the sniper should be the only one alive.

To the experimenter of Sniper Assassin who wants ready-made solutions suggested when he gets stuck. I can only underline the fact that we are talking about a high level three in a particular mission that does not make allowances for mistakes. The sniper who fails his attempt is facing extinction. The only suggestion I can make is for you to go back and practice the previous editions of Snipe Assassin.

Thank you for your reminder concerning Sniper Assassin 3 game in reply to my cry for help. I accept the need to go back three missions to gain more experience as sniper because the game is played against assassins.

I don't think I would fancy to be a sniper and even less to be regarded as an assassin so, thanks but I prefer a more subdue and calm sort of game. I am not looking at all for this kind of excitement like my friends. What would you suggest for a missed sniper assassin player? Some friends of mine are bulling me all the time for this.

I personally do not like this game players because they hide themselves and sneak behind your back. Sniper Assassin 3 players do not look an enemy eye to eye and do not gives you at least three seconds warning to allow you an even chance.

This is really the best game for me to play. I am referring to sniper assassin 3, because it makes me empty all the rage or upset I carry inside myself plus get rid of the killer instinct hiding deep. thus it leaves me satisfied and refreshed.

My best friend has told me I should take on playing like him the game sniper assassin 3 but I do not know because I am rather calm and ususlly of quiet disposition. However I have always let him be the leader so I suppose I will give it a try.

Whatever others say about sniper assassin 3 I am afraid it shall not meet with my adversion towards killers, even the so called "good" ones who are on a mission to chastize nasty people. I do object even under the form of game playing.

My mother is complaining when I play the Sniper Assassin 3, but since it keeps me rather quiet and she does not have to worry about me she is glad about it.

We already reached version 3 of the sniper assassin series but I do not feel playing it is much difficult in respect of previous versions. What is the point of issuing a higher rank of a game witch has exhausted all its intrinsic potentials?

Although I would not like to be one of them I enjoy playing sniper assassin 3 because it helps me get rid of stress and boredom by the sheer action of the missions. By the way, I discover that I am a very good shooter after all!

Sniper Assassin 3 - Announcements

Lately we have notice an increased population of fans around the Assassin 3 game. I wonder whether the fan movement has some meaning which escapes my comprehension or perhaps it is indicating a new revival of the game just before the end, due to more powerful games being released soon online?

Sniper Assassin 3 - Reviews

Revenge is a dangerous thing, and in Sniper Assassins 3 you impersonate a stickman (Swan) on a mission against lots of people.
Make the best of every shot as in Sniper Assassin 3 you have tons of enemies to kill.

If you have enjoyed the previous two games you cannot but be thrilled with the improvements facing you when entering the "Assassin 3" game. You will note: smooth succession of actions, people's aplomb, accuracy of details and set up concurring to make you feel you are really in charge.

I really think the game Sniper assassin 3 is like a "coronation" results of its preceding editions. My valutation is quite high due to a good gameplay, the swift movements and the background. Full marks! is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!