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In Urban Sniper 2, the hero is back to avenge the death of his father. Eliminate Don Pedrito and his men. To do this, follow the instructions sent to you via email. Remember that things are not always what they seem ... Remember also to use the decorative elements to your advantage (some objects can be destroyed or explode).
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Urban Sniper 2 Vengeance - Comments

Eureka! I have discovered a really cool mission in the Urban Sniper 2 for some time. I like it also because the sniper has to find ways in and out of urban situations with which I feel confident.

welcome to the urban mission of the new "Sniper 2" which is like the subtle inhaling of fresh air after stale immobility. I assume it shall take me some time before I manage to complete this new mission, but rest assured that I shall make it. Meanwhile, start working on the next Urban Sniper. Agreed?

Follow-up to my lack of satisfaction when I play Sniper 2. I think it is not due to the game on itself but to the type of mission involved which, undetected is perhaps clashing with my innermost feelings. This is the only explanation I can find.

We thank you for publishing Urban Sniper 2 which we have appreciated very much indeed, and proceeded to test immediately, because we like missions above all other genre of play.

The Sniper 2 game reminds me of a very honest and good man who could never have been an "urban sniper 2" because, although he could find his way in the most deserted and outback land , he was unable to to find its way in any urban environment. In fact he could not find alternative solutions to logistic problems on any city grounds.

I am feeling at a cross road. I have now completed my mission as Sniper 2 and I am looking for another game so I can maintain my standard of accuracy as well as having the excitement of fighting.

Never mind how people call an urban sniper or where you send him to carry out his mission. He is and he remains what he really is as a person whether he lives in town or in the countryside or wherever he is sent for a mission.

Dear friend, my congratulations for having completed the missions, you must feel proud for your hard achievement! Now you can join the group of those who have beaten Sniper 2, welcome to the Top Sniper group.

When I play the game sniper 2 I feel great just like the tallest building in Europe which I can see from a window of my home and is rightly called Shard.

Thanks for the free ride with urban sniper 2 which I have enjoyed: the test withstood my manhandling well and I consider I shall have to try again if I want to reach completion of all the missions.

Yesterday I received a question from someone concerned with the game Urban Sniper: would it be more difficult in town or in open spaces? I think in town you meet with difficulties due to small places, narrow roads and anonymity whilst in open spaces you have more visibility but you too can be spotted from far.

Like a dog instructed to find truffles I have a feeling that Sniper 2 is going shortly through a revision and we might see soon a new chapter for the delight of all players who, like me, love this game.

I liked the idea of a pal having the capacity to smell the emerging of a new version of Sniper 2 which should give us new and increased playing power.

To the urban sniper following me everywhere I would like to inform him that this game will soon be over also for him because another one shall rise with the same purpose in mind to defeat him at his own game.

To the pal who seems to have feelings clashing with a sniper's mission. May I tell you bluntly what I think without you getting offended? I think you are an hypocrite, after all we are talking about a game whose main point is to allow us to release our steamed up stress!

We have read somewhere with great apprehension that games following the old fashioned flash code like my favorite "Sniper 2" will soon become obsolete due to the breakthrough online of a new brand of games kept secret. Can you tell me something more substantial about this topic?

I have been playing sniper 2 for quite some time but so far I have not succeeded in reaching completion of all the missions and I wonder whether someone of you out there ever achieved that. If so, could you please pass on some tips to reach and pass the last mission please.

Well, I don't really know why, but I am getting tired of playing the online game sniper 2, actually of all types of games and I am rather at a loss about what kind of game to click on because there are too many advertising and they do annoy me a lot.

I would appreciate it very much if players, instead of discussing their feelings would do something more useful for their fellow pals such as describing briefly how exciting, great and cool can be playing Sniper 2 and what kind of satisfaction you can get by playing it or how difficult you find reaching completion of a mission. Because all you need to value is if the game is what you are looking for.

Urban Sniper 2 Vengeance - Announcements

We are delighted to be able to offer you new missions with this game that many of you know already. I am referring to Urban Sniper 2, this new version will certainly appeal to your sophisticated taste. Do not miss it and let us know your comments.

The advent of a sniper game operation within the centre of a town has registered a fast increasing number of interested players. Therefore we are now happy to be able to offer you Urban Sniper 2.

We have taken due note of your latest idea and are pleased to submit our new Urban Sniper 2. We feel confident that you will consider this mission with the diligent care of any good sniper. We would also appreciate if you would carry out two comparative tests by following two different urban routes.

Something unprecedented has happen today. The server has crashed due to over a million people from all urban locations around the world playing "Urban Sniper 2". One wonder how many snipers survived such an event :)

This is news update following the server crash due to over capacity of "Urban Sniper" players, to those people who have enquired whether the player had survived the assault we are pleased to answer "yes" he did.

This announcement is addressed to all players of online game know as urban sniper to come forward and help us prepare an even better game by telling us what features they consider most important. Please list them in decreasing order of importance.

All contenders are being called to participate to all phases plus final celebration being assembled for the official launch of sniper 2 tournament including special events with reach trophies to the winners and parchment papers for runner-ups.

This is a second and final call to all those players interested to participate at the official launch online of the tournament Sniper 2 and to the rich trophies and memorabilia made available to lucky winners and runner-ups.

Urban Sniper 2 Vengeance - Reviews

Decent sniper game if you ask me. Some of the missions could have been more exciting and the game could be improved in both graphics and controls but all together is enjoyable enough to deserve a try.

Although I like shooting games where the action is based on having a mission I have played Sniper 2 only once and I have been rather disappointed. If you asked me why I would be unable to point out exactly the reason: it just does not satisfy me.

Urban 2 is developed within a city. It is a high grade mission and the player must be very alert or he may find himself dead which would not be pleasant. It's great because gives you that suspense feeling and is highly realistic.

What? You have not ever heard about it? Have you been detected on some revolving kind of moon in another galaxy? I can assure you that urban sniper is one of the best sniper mission game you can find online. Don't let anyone hear you say you have never played it, they will think you know nothing about shooting games. is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!