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Red Crucible 2 is a multiplayer FPS like Call of Duty. The game is based on an imaginary war between the forces of NATO and Russia. You can use many weapons, heavy vehicles and even helicopters! The levels are very large and the graphics are spectacular.Blast,and smash, crush as well to destroy your opponents using some ofthe deadliest modern weapons and vehicle. Red Crucible a fullyrendered 3D online multiplayer, with real time lighting cames withsome of the most stunning 3D levels never seen anywhere. Red crucible is web browser game makes you feel a real soldier.

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Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshot Red Crucible 2 screenshotAbout Red Crucible 2

This game under the puzzling name of "Red Crucible 2", is a widely represented web-browser 3D multiplayer which is rising in popularity day by day.

It seems to encounter the favor of what the actual players generation is thriving on. So, we have decided to go and have a thorough look as to the magic formula behind its escalating success.

First of all, we have tried to give an answer to the obvious question of the meaning for its given name as "Red Crucible" regardless of the number of versions already in circulation.

We have discovered that literally it means a "very severe ordeal of fire" to be overcome, which is dating back to the dawn of time because people have always aimed at obtaining absolute power and exclusive supremacy. They have had many different ideas on how to pursue it until they have converged into two factions: one red and one blue. In the game they face each other on a great scale, united at the shout of "Red Crucible" because the battle result shall leave no other possibility: success or defeat.

Both factions are equipped with heavy high-tech unballasted weapons and fitting-out equipment.

What impressed us most is the striking effect of this game's graphics, the best we have admired in a 3D free online multiplayer which can compete even with buy-to-play titles.

Also amazing is the choice of location maps available to players so you can play the game in an urban environment or in the open desert and even on a warship (knife can be very useful here!), enhancing the possibility to create changeable situations and we love it!

We have also admired a nice game mode of this spectacular game, i.e. the so called 'team death match' which we have found to be quite interesting and entertaining especially when played with friends. We are also aware that there is great request to play this particular part of the game as you may have to wait sometimes few minutes before you can join in. However we assure you that it is worthwhile.

A mention for impact effect is due also to the outstanding display of heavy, armored vehicles and first person driven helicopters, although we think the 'team death match' would be better balanced without the intervention of helicopters, because it gives an unfair advantage to the team dominating the sky (master the helicopter and you win).

Highly recommended if you like to take on real players

Red Crucible 2 is one of the best war games we have encounter.

Red Crucible - Announcements

As requested by our most eager and affectionate players, here it comes the Crucible 2 game. We hope you'll enjoy as much as the previous one and don't forget to let us know what you think of the game. N.B. We won't remove the old comments regarding previous version.

Only expert players who have already developed some battling muscle and who want to test their abilities as well as their fighting strength, should try the latest war game called RED CRUCIBLE. As its name implies, it is really what I would call "hot stuff".

This information is for players curios to learn about the real origin of this great game called "Crucible" beyond what you can find in a normal dictionary. The word is derived from the latin language "Crucis" which means "Cross" because it is very difficult to overcome.

Red Crucible 2 screenshots

Red Crucible - Comments

It is really amazing how this game is attracting all kinds of players from any country and how they seem to be increasing in number. The more we shoot them the more they come!

Everybody is commenting about how strongly the Crucible game is being played around the Globe. Why not? It has a nice gameplay, it excite the players and it is what represent a favorite expression of our time: it is COOL!

Help. I need a few tips in order to raise my level of competence at winning the Red Crucible game. Everything goes fairly well at the start, then I find myself in the crucible and I have what I would call a breakdown. Will someone give me some very hot red tip? Many thanks.

To the Red Crucible fans who seem to go in tilt when entering the crucible game and have asked for help. Well, the solution to the so called "red crucible" breakdown effect is to simply say aloud and firmly believe it yourself: ^ I'm going to enjoy myself and I just play the game. Every other thought is left outside the crucible game behind armored doors^. Then, go happily about your enjoying the game. believe in it and it shall work.

Red crucible is my favorite game. I see "red" when some of my friends argue that it is a crucible way to enjoy oneself. However I do not care about difficulties: it does wonder to my emotions.

I welcome something unexpected to surprise players in the game. Well, in fact the game is asking you players to surprise the game, and try first to locate your opponents and try to reason as he would do so when he attacks you he shall be the one who is taken unprepared. Try also to sharpen your eyesight as well as your reflexes and you will be more successful at the game. Good shooting!

I have heard from my cousin that the crucible game is going strong in the US and is considered a top one. Sometimes boys manage to play it for a short time even at school.

Red Crucible 2 screenshots

No wonder Crucible game is shooting quite at stratospheric height in the liking index of FPS game players not only in this country but well around the Globe. There is an uncountable number of games online but this is one of the very top.

Yesterday I found my "red crucible" or something similar when my superior caught me in the middle of the red crucible game and I discovered what the word really means. I was undoubtedly in the melting pot, i.e. in the crucible not in the red one but in the black book of the teacher.

I must finish my school home work in a hurry otherwise I will not be able to go home in time to play a crucible game with my brother who is an expert. I hope soon or later to be able to reach his level and beat him at his own game.

Do not bother me about hard test otherwise I shall send you the Red Crucible. I am sure you do not want it at this stage of your gaming experience, it is not something you can finish quickly but a real test for very skilled players.

I know I am facing a difficult game but I am not worried about the outcome because you know I have been training very well. In fact, I have managed to overcome all difficulties in playing successfully all matches encountered in the exceptional crucible game, which all those who have tried it agree is one of the upper range multiplayer war games freely available online.

I really wish I could win at least once at playing the crucible game not only because it is one of the hardest for us to compete but also because all those who know the game would respect my abilities. I also would feel more confident and my self-esteem would go sky-rocketing :)

I should not be playing at all times this great Crucible game which gives me so many emotions while my parents say they will let me taste soon a real hard test should I fail my forthcoming tests.

I refer to the young player who admitted going roaming about in search of something new and not addictive which could sometimes be risky when you have handy a perfect good game you can enjoy safely. If you put being safe against the drudge of a simple routine you have your answer.

It's nice to see how new players are wary to enter the battle arena of CRUCIBLE even when joining a friend, but I think they are right to be careful and take their time as the game can be quite merciless sometimes.

When I read your defense of my attitude towards a friend's advice I was surprised because usually some people would have said I am a wet blanket but, since I have now tried the crucible game I can confirm that my friend's advice was very good indeed.

So far I have not had much time to play games due to many reasons, however now I can do it but I find it too difficult to choose a real nice shooting game. A friend of mine has suggested I start with the Crucible game and that was a brilliant choice, wouldn't you agree?

Some of my friends when they are upset for any reason have started smoking which is very bad for their health. We often play together at our favorite war game Crucible and guess what, they end up smoking more because I shoot them down all the time! It makes me feel a bit guilty but what can I do? I simply cannot let them win just because of that.

Red Crucible 2 screenshots

I would like to thank that young player who has recently been sharing his way of roaming around from his favorite games such as CRUCIBLE more or less to get something different from his usual routine.

I am getting tired about the importance given to the name of games. For example I read quite often a song and dance about the difficulties encountered when playing the Crucible game as if the others games were all easy. Well they are not; I have found some even tougher than this one. I personally think it's not so much how difficult a game can be: a lot depends on how prepared we are and how determined we are before giving up trying it.

I trust I shall never have to experience, like it happen to my team mate, a complete shutdown of communications while I am playing at my favorite crucible game. I would enter into a rage fit from which it would take days to recover.

Dear Pal, I wish you could stop complaining about the difficulties you encounter with the crucible game. Perhaps you could stop and ponder about what is happening around you: even grown-ups have rough times so consider it part of the game to cope with unexpected changes.

I am new to gaming online and I find attractive the crucible game which I find hard to master. I would like to know where the wording for this amazing shooting multiplayer has been derived from. Can someone tell me something more exhaustive than a normal dictionary?

Calling all players who love the Crucible game over and above its difficulties and perhaps because of the challenge it poses to all of us. If you are like me you would not like things to be to easy and prefer to lose to a better player from whom you can learn something rather than win with a poor player. Therefore I would like to measure myself with top players at this game.

As a great fan of the Crucible game I know my opinion is biased but I cannot understand why in my country (France) this game is a top list one whilst in the US is among the best but not in a top position. Has this something to do with the fact that French players always beat US players?

I have no doubt about Crucible game: it is the king of shooting games online. I am looking forward to a real first class competition where some of today's great players manage to win with a great slam and ascend to the so called hall of fame! Just give me one shot!

Red Crucible 2 screenshots

Red Crucible - Cheats

This is another tip addressed to the Red Crucible player who occasionally find himself at a loss. Just forget trying to be clever by cheating on your friends. Stop thinking of cheats and victory, just enjoy this beautiful game as it is and Red Crucible shall reward you with plenty of satisfaction.

Red Crucible 2 screenshots

Red Crucible - Reviews

For those of you out there that have not yet heard of Red Crucible, It is a multiplayer war game in 3D presenting itself as one of the best free FPS (first person shooter) online with many options and team death matches!

The Red Crucible game is a real shylla and charybdis test for players having extraordinary levels of abilities at their fingerprints. Moreover they need sharp memory and non-existent reaction lapse. Red Crucible player must see absolutely red at the slightest offense and he must be a born survivor.

I like to play this FPS game for various reasons: play settings rather luxurious, the people playing there being the best you can find, the surroundings. Both team players and spectators watching the war are people who enjoy the exciting shooting atmosphere of the Crucible game..

Yes, I can confirm that the multiplayer version of the Crucible game is highly difficult but also highly entertaining and enjoyable to play. If you like war games I sincerely suggest you try it but I must warn you that it is quite addictive. You have been warned...

I find Crucible game to be of outstanding quality. I can play it even if I don't always come out a winner. I am asking myself why it is so good and enjoyable for me regardless of my winning or losing?

I played many shooting games before and I especially enjoy the multiplayers. The Crucible game is somehow special to me. I can't explain why, graphics are good but not the best, gameplay is also good but not as good as it could be, still, is one of those games that I always return to play it. I enjoy it a lot and best-of-all is entirely free!

All serious shooters online sooner or later become addicted to a special one, that is the Crucible game. It is amazing how it has spread all over even to the farthest corner of this earth. Everybody likes to play it.

I find this one to be the best available free multiplayer online. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay almost as good as the major console titles. If I had time for one game only I would play this one!

Red Crucible 2 screenshots

Red Crucible - Curiosities

When I first heard about the Red Crucible game I thought they were talking about a game of snooker like I saw it played by so many brilliant players, annually, at the Crucible. Although the Red Crucible is another fighting game requesting maximum skills and expertise, both the arena and the type of players are entirely different. However, even here, the winner will be the best of the greatest.

The school attended by my best friend has an in-built theatre where all important events, both good and bad, take place. It has been named the Red Crucible because, unless you excel both in your studies and win the "crucible" tests either mental and/or physical you are not allowed to participate so your name is not inscribed on a special Red Crucible album of honor, i.e. the so called "Red Crucible".

I like so much playing at the online crucible game that now I have started having play session in my sleep. Actually I prefer playing it while sleeping because I feel more focused, I can notice things I normally do not observe and I win all the time! is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!