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Here's the next episode of Storm Ops 2, but this time the action takes place in the desert. Destroy as many enemies as possible.
How to play Storm Ops 2 : Use the mouse to aim and shoot, press R to reload, F to change the fire mode, the keys 1, 2 and 3 to change weapon, Q to return to the previous weapon.
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Storm Ops 2 screenshots

Storm Ops 2 : Desert Storm - Announcements

I am aware that many of you managed to survive the previous Ops game, however I feel almost sure that only the most experienced and resilent of you shall managed to come out alive from Storm Ops 2. Anyway it's free all the way: in and out.

I can assure you this game is going to meet all your expectations. The title itself Storm Ops is true to its name and it will hit you like a thunderstorm from any angle you dare to look at it. Hold your gun steady and aim well soldier!

Heavy forecast looming ahead as a major storm ops has been announced online. It would appear some unexpected complications have risen in the gaming world. Possible rules changing forecasted. Please, follow up communications.

Follow-up to previous update. Online conditioned improved, thus Ops 2 may soon resume its gaming activity in full swing.

Someone today has given me a preview news that, apparently, Ops 2 is coming out shortly with a third, improved version. I cannot wait to play it! If the leak is proving to be true, you will be as delighted as I am.

Further to our recent communication we are happy to inform that many of you have again resumed active presence on our Ops 2 game. We welcome your support and encourage you by making improvement comments through our site.

Notwithstanding the above recent announcement we still register too high a turnover of players who go searching in the wrong direction storming around games not really good for them at all with a certain amount of disturbance to other players.

Storm Ops 2 screenshots

Storm Ops 2 : Desert Storm - Comments

When you have a spare moment I suggest you play Storm Ops which is a first person shooter you can enjoy for few minutes. Good when you need to release all the stress accrued through the day.

It would appear that the survivors of the previous Storm Operations were few indeed because so far none of them has kept in touch with me. As I mentioned there is an even better game available. I am referring to Storm Ops 2 which is absolutely free of charge. What are you waiting for? You don't think a storm it's terrifying enough? Perhaps you want a tsunami instead?

I appear to be stuck on Ops 2 as I do not seem to be able to overcome the very first levels and I am becoming nervous. I did not think it would present such a steep challenge. However I am very determined to get a frightful storm into operation to pull the game through the whole way even if to complete is going to take not one but two life-times.

If you have lost your whereabouts within the crowded jungle of online operations I suggest you follow the indications given by the Storm Operations 2 board leading to exciting death or near-death experiences. This game will really storm you by taking your adrenaline sky rocketing.

I like your invitation to play storm ops which you mention being a lonely first person shooter and, since the ride on offer is free-to-play you can rest assured I shall take advantage and I shall tell you truthfully my opinion of the ride.

I play so much this Storm Ops game during my free time from school duty that last night I switched it on in my sleep. It started outside my school building during an actual storm. I dreamt I entered the school waiting for the storm to abate. Meanwhile I switched on one of the school's computer and enjoyed a game of Storm Ops 2.

Storm Ops 2 screenshots

To the unsatisfied player referring to the game Ops 2: Desert Storm. Try to find out why you are not satisfied because otherwise it does not make any sense. The same would happen if you said you like it but could not say why.

I do not understand why these links are not more explicit: instead of just writing a cryptic sign like Ops 2 for this very nice game you cannot write a complete word that makes sense so nobody wastes time?

From one Ops 2 pal to another. I think there are good reason to have short and eye catching link to lead players to their chosen game which are visibility and mind fixing and recognition even at high speed otherwise you would have had to stop and waste precious time you could use for playing instead of searching.

I have finally understand how to play Storm Ops thanks to the help of my friend Jose!

I have been waiting for two days to play Storm Ops because my internet line was not good enough for me to load the game, so I am becoming impatient because I miss to play and practice this FPS title, its great fun and I want to keep up with the game.

I find it very difficult and annoying having to learn by heart all these shorten ways to play something simple that anybody could do such as when wanting to play the Ops 2 game. This is the reason why I do resent this taking up other shortcuts when the standard keys are definitely better.

Thanks to the pal who has solved my problem with abbreviated links such as Ops 2. I have tried your way and I am grateful to you for having shared it with me. Now I know always how to find the route to my favorite game!

Sorry I could not reach our meeting the other day because I had to help an emergency created by a three days storm ops to free roads from about half a meter of snow. Everything was at a standstill, on the other hand everybody was happy playing online the above game.

I do not know what is happening but I have difficulty in retracing the link leading me to a very nice shooting game known as Ops 2. Perhaps I have problems because I do not relate well to abbreviations.

Storm Ops 2 screenshots

I am a fan who likes to play Storm Ops. I know immediately where is my starting position but I hope in future they shall released also a multiplayer version so I can gather my friends and have a go together.

To complete the game Ops 2 first you should have been successful with the previous version and go from stage to stage. Those in a hurry shall be punished by the game and will encounter more difficulties.

Last night I fell asleep with the echo in my ears of the background sounds from my favorite game which is Ops 2. Perhaps I must have been playing for too long and I should keep it within more reasonable timetable..

Further to the problem of abbreviated links such as Ops 2 I have made an alphabetical listings of all known abbreviations together with their full path and paste it on my desktop so now all I have to do is lifting my eyes and click the right link!

I do not understand how people might have problems in finding their way to a game when there is Google leading us to all the games we care to mention, even a short one like Ops 2. After all the problem would emerge only the first time because then you know the route.

Storm Ops 2 screenshots

Storm Ops 2 : Desert Storm - Reviews

Ops 2 is a really good shooting game. Well, that is my opinion.

There is quite a storm brewing outside my cosing temporary watching cabin where I am trying to paste together an attack plan for the success of the next "Ops 2" which, in my view, needs a beauty refreshment of military tactics and a good updating of Ops [read: operations].

What about updating the Storm Ops game? When do you think we can play a revised edition 2? What we really need is new missions that gives us something unexpected to break the repeat sketches.

I used to like this game called storm ops but lately I do not know what is happening but I feel rather strange and somehow distracted when I go online to play it as if I were getting bored.

Storm Ops 2 screenshots

Storm Ops 2 : Desert Storm - Curiosities

My friend nickname is "Desert Storm" because he is always in the middle of something extremely dangerous like Storm Ops 2 game which he plays like a master and he can always find not one way to survive the operations but at least two opportunities to come out alive.

This is an emergency broadcast. Weather conditions have worsened since a terrible storm ops 2 with strong winds is moving south. People are requested to avoid traveling stay indoor and play the game Storm Ops 2.

Last night the weather was really making much noise: rain was pouring down, wind was blowing at supersonic speeds, objects were flying all over the place. It was the worst storm ops anyone could remember for the last 20 years.

A new signpost has been approved to guide players along our most guarded places to play the game ops 2 so they can avoid getting lost in dangerous sites and be aware of risks in fron as well as around them. is a great collection of FPS games. We only add the most popular first person shooter games from around the web. Play action, horror, funny, multiplayer FPS games, MMOFPS, shooter games and more, all for free! You will find many sub-genres of games such as 3D shooting games, sniper games, zombie games and more. We have a great selection of over 300 free fps games to play and we update our website with new online FPS games everyday. All of our online FPS games are playable fullscreen. You can play all free fps games online with no download, directly in your web browser. All games are playable with MAC and PC. Have Fun!